Welcome to Baby room, which caters for up to 6 children, with ratios 1:3 and is a happy and friendly environment where all children are given excellent care and treated as individuals.

Settling In

At Carousel we offer two 'taster' sessions. This gives you and your child the opportunity to meet the staff and also the other children. We also ask for parents to complete a Daily Routine form and an 'All About Me' form so that staff get to know a little about your child.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We link the EYFS to all our planning and also to each child's learning journey.

Meal Times

In Baby Room we offer breakfast, morning break, lunch and high tea. We encourage children to help feed themselves during these times.


At breakfast we offer Porridge, Weetabix or Rice Crispies together with toast and either juice, water or milk to drink.


At break time we offer a selection of fruit together with a biscuit and either juice, milk or water to drink.

Lunch Time

We have our lunch delivered from a local catering company and this is a two course meal: dinner and pudding. The children have a very balanced nutritious variety of meals throughout the week.

Tea Time

At tea time we offer the children a snack:



Sandwiches, meat, cheese, rice cakes, breadsticks, cucumber together with a choice of fruit or yoghurt

or Hot
Spaghetti and toast, Beans and Crumpets or Noodles together with a choice of fruit or yoghurt.

Drinks are available throughout the day.


In Baby Room we don't have set sleep times as we follow each individual child's routine. We offer a range of travel cots, cushions, bean bags, cosy baskets and beds for the children to sleep on.


We offer a large variety of activities for the children in baby room. Each day a creative and sensory activity takes place where the children have lots of fun getting very messy!


On Thursday afternoon, we have a music lady who comes into nursery, when the children experiment with different sounds. They love to try out new musical instruments and also enjoy moving to the beat. Staff reinforce musical activities throughout the week.


Baby Room is arranged into different areas: sleep area, cosy area, free play, creative and also physical area. Cruisers Room is also arranged into different areas: messy, creative, books, imaginative play and physical. All children can access each area freely throughout the day.

Parents Feedback

At the end of each child's day at nursery a member of staff will go through a daily routine form, which informs you of what your child has been doing throughout the day. The form includes meal times, sleep times, nappy changes and also activities.

Partnership With Parents

At Carousel we think it's really important to work alongside parents. Every term your child will receive a termly review so that you can see how he/she is progressing.


We have a Parents evening once a year where we invite you to nursery to look at your child's learning journey and also to discuss any questions that the you may have with your child's key worker.


We also ask you to complete "Parents Voice" sheets to let us know if you have had any Special days or activities that your child has really enjoyed, so that we can plan follow-on activities and link it to our planning. Every two months parents will receive a Baby room newsletter which informs you of nursery news and upcoming events.