In our Pre-school children learn skills and independence which prepare them to start school. Within our caring, well planned environment, we cater for a maximum of 20 children on a ratio of 1:8.

Settling In

Parents are invited to attend two ‘taster’ sessions with their child before they begin and asked to complete “All about me” forms beforehand. This helps us gain an insight into what your child enjoys doing and how you feel your child is progressing developmentally.

Transition Through Nursery

We also work closely with Tweeny room staff when a child moves rooms, to make the change as smooth as possible. Key workers complete Transition forms which contain information about your child's development and his/her likes/dislikes.

Staff also hold a meeting to share any other useful information regarding your child. We have close links with the local schools to aid seamless onward transition.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Pre school staff work in line with EYFS. All planned activities are matched with learning intentions from the EYFS as are observations. The learning environment is set up so that the children gain the most they possibly can from it and that they meet the three learning outcomes from the Characteristics of Effective Leaning document, which are; playing & exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically.


Children are eligible for Early Education Funding from the term following their third birthday.

15/30 hours

All three and four year old's are eligible for 15 hours of free childcare. Families who meet the earnings criteria may be able to claim for an additional 15 hours. You must make an online application to HMRC. Please follow the link 15/30 hours

Meal Times

Children are promoted to be independent and this is reflected at meal times when they are encouraged to serve their own food. At breakfast children have a choice of cereal and / or toast. Mid-morning children have access, for one hour, to the Pre school café, where they pour their own drinks and choose a piece of fruit.


At lunchtime children serve their lunches from the lunch trolley and at tea time they choose what they would like from our buffet style tea. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.

Quiet Time

Within Pre-school there is a quiet area where children can have a sleep/rest if they wish.

Extra Activities

Thursday mornings a dance teacher takes the children for a fun filled dance session.

Pre-school is split into different areas which the children can access independently:

  • An art area (containing art and craft materials)
  • The home corner and dressing up equipment.
  • A writing area (with different equipment such as diaries, pens, envelopes and stamps)
  • A maths area with equipment such as number puzzles, rulers, tape measures and dice.
  • Also within the room is a quiet area, with cushions teddies and books.


Through all of these areas children can initiate activities and further their own ideas to become independent learners.

Partnership With Parents

We encourage you to become as involved as possible with your child's time in Pre-school.

Through Parents Evenings, newsletters and daily sheets/chats, you are kept informed about your child's learning development and have the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you may have. You are regularly given 'Parent Voice' forms which you can use to write about 'special' things, such as days out and attach photographs which your child can share with the group.

Termly reviews are also completed outlining the learning intentions your child has met during that term and also identifying 'next steps'. You are encouraged to comment on the review and so is your child.